In June this year Birmingham CASE published a Briefing Paper on a proposed new Co-operative Partnership between the LA and all Birmingham’s state schools. In that briefing BCASE called on schools and the LA to:

  • Get the Co-operative Partnership up and running as soon as possible
  • Maximise capacity for supporting ‘school improvement’
  • Develop a vision for education which includes but goes beyond ‘school improvement’
  • Open up the Partnership to all stakeholders in the school system

Birmingham Education Partnership to be launched on November 6 2013

The good news is that headteachers and the LA got together before the summer and agreed on the aims and structure of a new Partnership involving all the state-funded schools in Birmingham, including academies. We welcome this – the alternative, a fragmented and uncoordinated market would be far worse for education in the city. On November 6 the Partnership is being launched at an event in the new Library. We wait to see exactly what has been proposed. We have two concerns:

  • How many schools will genuinely give their commitment to a collaborative developmental vision for all schools, not just sign up to the Partnership and carry on as before?
  • It seems that the Partnership is to be run by headteachers. The LA has a seat at the table, but there is to be no involvement by school governors, parents, or teachers themselves. We think it is essential that the Partnership involves everyone who has a stake in the education of our children and young people.

One thought on “Launch of new Birmingham Education Partnership

  1. Worrying. .. you would of at least expected the chair of governors! Will this continue ti allow failing school to continue fail the community they serve?

    It looks like it, this will clearly allow scapegoating for poor performing heads

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