Congratulations to Colmore parents who have won their campaign for open and democratic consultation with the result that governors have decided not to proceed with academy status. It is all too common to be surprising that parents have to campaign for their legal right to proper consultation, but it is no less of an outrage. It is deeply concerning that Birmingham City Council is not abiding by its own rules to ensure all schools hold meaningful consultations whether they are considering conversion voluntarily or whether under pressure from the DfE. The behaviour of Brandwood councillors in refusing to meet their constituents when they were struggling to achieve proper consultation is disgraceful. We hope they will read and reflect on the message from Colmore parents.

Ask Colmore Parents

Parents have received a letter dated 13th June confirming that the decision of the Colmore Schools is not to proceed with conversion to academy status.

The letter from the Chair of Governor states:  ‘We are not convinced that at this juncture the potential benefits of conversion outweigh the potential disadvantages’.

Letter from COG 130614

We welcome this decision and the consultation which preceded it, and would like to conclude our campaign by sharing the following messages:

To Colmore Schools: Thank you for listening to parents and for consulting. The public meeting you held was an important part of this process, and it was conducted in a positive and balanced manner. We hope the schools continue to flourish as local community schools.

To Birmingham City Council: Many parents have said they valued the involvement of the local authority and didn’t want the schools to ‘break away’. We hope you will do all you can to support and promote locally accountable state…

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