This paper was the basis of a talk given by Richard Hatcher of Birmingham City University at the ‘From the Horse’s Mouth?’ seminar, University of Birmingham, 23 October 2014.

In the thought-provoking talk by Mark Rogers, Birmingham’s Chief Executive Officer, at the Lunar Society meeting on the Trojan Horse affair on 8 September he posed three fundamental questions and said that we needed an ongoing discussion about them across the city. The first question concerned what the relationship should be between school and community. The question is what structures would enable that ongoing discussion to take place.

The following paper suggests what an answer could be. Essentially it brings together two sets of ideas. One is a Children’s Zone approach, bringing together all the resources, material, cultural and personal, in a local area and a local community to support the education of its children and young people. The other is the ideas and policies emerging in the current discussion in the city about local democracy and community empowerment.

Download: Towards a shared vision for school education in Birmingham: a Children’s Zone approach – local area-based partnerships between the schools, the local authority and the community


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