Yesterday staff at Small Heath School struck for the third time in their fight against academy conversion. Staff have had the support of parents throughout the dispute, who handed in an 800 name petition to the council in September. The IEB, who have refused to meet with staff, issued a somewhat contradictory statement as reported in the Birmingham Mail yesterday, stating first that “There is currently no proposal to make Small Heath School an academy and, if and when there is, a consultation process will take place.” and then immediately after that disputing staff fears that that conversion will result in worse terms and conditions;  “The assumption of the associations that becoming an academy would, if it was to occur, result in poorer terms and conditions of employment for staff, is just that, an assumption, and not necessarily the case.”

The following report is from one of the organisers;


Great strike by ATL, NUT and NASUWT members today against any plan to convert the school into an academy.

This is the third strike that staff have taken and there is confidence that more strike action, if needed, will be taken.  Further strike dates of November 18th and December 10th have been agreed by all unions.

There has been support from parents at the school and support from colleagues across the country.

A letter sent to staff at the school by the IEB last week, stated that the claim by the unions that the terms and conditions of staff may be changed is ‘not necessarily the case’.  For those that can read and understand, this is an admission (however unintentionally) that changes to terms and conditions ‘may be the case’.

The IEB has refused to meet the staff and has refused to meet with the elected local officers of all 3 unions.  It has also decided to refuse to engage with ACAS to try to resolve this dispute.

Staff want to be inspired and led, not ignored.  The more support that those striking receive from the educational community, the more confident they become.  Please support the staff at Small Heath who refuse to be cowed and who believe that a better way is possible.


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